The Globe and Mail on The Bear and other press and reviews

Jared Bland, who is the editor of the Books section of The Globe & Mail in a 'Read this now' video about The Bear."I had to keep imagining my two cats in the roles of the 5 year old and 2 year's a really hopeful book, I promise."In other news:The Bear moved up to spots in the Toronto Star bestseller list to no. 7.The Independent in the UK said, "It was even more haunting the second time around."Purewow Books called The Bear, "Emotionally raw and deftly astute … You’ll probably find yourself reading this amazing survival story well into the night.""It's heartbreaking. It's a one-sitting read, because once you begin, it is utterly impossible to put down." From Cristen Fitzpatrick in Contemporary LiteratureThe Bear is's book of the week, "both quintessentially Canadian and breathtakingly fresh."The Coast says, "Cameron has created a savage and sentimental story that feeds us a main course of Canadian survival, with a side of Grimms’ Fairy Tales."This review in Gifs from The Relentless Reader makes me laugh.The Chatelaine book club interviewed me, "writing the book felt closer to acting."Also: I know winter is dragging on, but I'm a skier. The base is thick and the temperature is just right for carving turns. Can we agree that this winter has an upside?