The Bear - weekend highlights

The National Post ran a profile that got the highest words of praise from my sister who has known me for 40+ years: "seemed spot on to a sister."claire-cameron-the-bear-profileMaclean's called The Bear, "a gripping, affecting story that reads like a hybrid of Henry James’s What Maisie Knew and Margaret Atwood’s Survival."The review in the National Post said the book had "sure handedness and imaginative intensity."The Globe & Mail raved about The Bear the first time they reviewed it, "a novel destined to stay with you long after you’ve chewed through it."Litreactor had one of my favorite intense reactions to the book calling it, "this is one of the most universal stories I've ever come across."But, enough for now. You can find links to other reactions over here.The winter weather has been hard with all the extreme weather, but good things can come of tough times. Like snow. I'm going skiing.