Bear gets trapped in a car in Boulder, CO

Molly Browne woke up at 1 a.m. to a strange noise outside her window, "like somebody was trying to steal my car."She got up and went to investigate, "it sounded like somebody was trying to break into the house. Like somebody was smashing a garbage can on the front door.""That's when I panicked. I called 911 and I said, 'somebody's trying to break in.'"I met Molly while I was in Boulder, Colorado and stopped by a lovely store called Cured*. She told me about the night a black bear broke into her car, got trapped and pretty much destroyed the interior.As Molly told her bear story, I was actually relieved on her behalf to find that it was a bear making all the noise at 1 a.m. rather than a hell-bent intruder.Equally amazing is her photo of the interior of her car after the bear left.Interior of Molly's car after the bear got out (click to make it bigger)A detail came up in conversation after I turned off the camera: after the bear got into the car, it rocked the car hard enough for the door to swing shut. That is how he got trapped inside.If it sounds unlikely that a bear might be able to open a car door, watch the video that I wrote about yesterday.One small piece of good news is that Molly's insurance covered the damage (does your policy cover damage by bear?).As I've been collecting these stories, I'm starting to see that there are a few different types of bear stories. Molly's is a classic of its genre, a bear crime story._* Cured vies for my affections along with the magnificent Boulder Book Store.Do you have a bear story? I would love to hear it.