Things I like

"Why is a runny yolk served juxtaposed on a dish gross to one yet velvety deliciousness to another?" — Eggs on Top by Lindsay Cameron Wilson"I’ve always been interested in looking at a woman in isolation. What is a woman on her own without all of those things, you know? And what is any person, woman or man, it doesn’t matter: what are they at the end of their life when they are about to die? Right in the last moments. What are you? Who are you? Where are you about to go? We’ll never know, but that seems to crystallize your whole thing, you’re right on the cusp of being a spark that’s gone forever. It’s so interesting and powerful to me, this idea of a woman in solitude at the end of her life, but that life keeps on regenerating, you know? It does." — The Illuminations of Shary Boyle, an interview by Christine Poutney"Neil Young insists that if the dog gets up and leaves, whatever you are writing stinks." — Simple or Impossible by Paul Westerberg"I ordered him one day from a website that sells 3D-printed objects, a marketplace for goods created in the new way. Then I forgot all about it until the day he showed up, a meme materialized." — Me and Sad Keanu: A 3D-Printing Story"In the hours after the quake, long before the first responders could arrive, I recall Haitians on a downtown road waiting patiently for plates of cooked food for sale under the flicker of a generator-powered light. Everyone standing there knew the days ahead would be difficult, and that they only way to get through them was together." —Finding peace in post-disaster Haiti by