These little things

These past few days I've been working on a draft of something related to The Bear. I'll tell you more about that after the break.I've also been working on a new novel. I now have 100+ pages that I quite like. This comes after a bad break up with a previous manuscript that I was writing while on book tour.The previous manuscript and I kept getting in fights. I tried to kick start our relationship by starting again from a different angle. When this happened for the third time I wondered, is this the right situation for me? After hard conversations, I decided to move on. Maybe all the travel was to blame.Now that I'm in a new relationship that is 30,304 words deep, I'm feeling hopeful that this might grown into something more permanent.In the mean time:

  • My interview with Diane Cook, author of the enthralling collection, Man V. Nature, is up the Amazon book blog.
  • I told Parnassus Books, my favorite indie shop in Nashville, what books I am giving as gifts.
  • Brian McGackin, a columnist on, picked The Bear as a best of 2014 (worth reading for the instances of 'ugh' alone).

Happy holidays! Take care, eh?