Crossing my eyes at Word on the Street

As Word on the Street is this Sunday, I was on CBC's Metro Morning with Matt Galloway talking about what it means to go from the quiet life of a writer to the public life of a performer.Spoiler: not always smooth.You can listen to my conversation with Matt online.I was in the green room waiting to go on air and found this boom box. Notice it has double cassette decks. So good for making mixed tapes.The boom box in the green room at the CBC has double cassettes. Great for making mixed tapes while waiting. #latergram #missthe80sI'm still planning the mixed tape I'm going to make. Remember how you had to get all the cassette tapes you were going to tape from lined up in a row? Then you'd put in the recording tape and 1, 2, 3, press play and record at the exact same time.What should be the first song? Something from The Who by Numbers, of course. Maybe Squeeze Box.p.s. I never did track down the person who left the pint glass.