The Bear Goodreads giveaway



If you are on Goodreads, you can enter to win an early copy of The Bear.

My mom and I drove up north this weekend. My mom is not on Goodreads, but one of the best parts about a longer drive is the chance to talk in a focused way.

We are now caught up on all sorts of important topics, like 1) is possible to buy a non-wool sweater at this time of year? 2) injuries that an ex-Polo horse can show later in life 3) and what the gravel outside our house might look like if we hired a backhoe to pick up the railway ties.

Another topic covered was my mom's concern that a giveaway implies that there is a book that has been published.

To allay her worry, please note that The Bear has not been published and won't be until February 2014. This is a pre-publication giveaway.If you enter, you will be one of the first to hold a copy of The Bear before the publication date.But please don't come away with the impression that the book is published, because that will make my mom right (again). And...well...we all know about that.

You can enter by clicking the links below.In the US, enter with Little Brown & CompanyIn Canada, enter with Random House