Ray Jahncke’s story about how a small mammal study once provided a Kinder Surprise Egg-like treat to a bear

bear-trapWho: Ray Jahncke, Map MavenWhere: Raith, OntarioWhat: “Many years ago, I was working in Northern Ontario on a small mammal study. We set out live traps with peanut butter to capture small mammals in and out of clear cuts.In one of the control plots a bear had figured out how to open the traps to eat the peanut butter and any small mammal that may have been inside. For a bear, they were like Kinder Surprise Egg’s—a treat with a toy inside.This wouldn’t do, so a bear trap was set up. The first time, the bear out smarted us, grabbed the bait and got away.The second time the bear did get stuck in the trap, but as it was being hoisted onto the truck the trap door slid down and out. She jumped (somebody had forgot to put the pin in to lock the door). Poor bear.The third time was not so lucky for the bear. She got transported somewhere far far away* from her own personal stash of rodent Kinder Surprise Eggs.”*Possibly close to where Trish Magwood was stationed in a gravel pit?Note: the photo shows a bear trap to give you an idea of what they look like, but it is not the one mentioned in the story.