Page 82 - Everything will fall into place

How Tetris Makes You Smarter is an article that pleases me as I can read it and feel that my time playing Tetris was not wasted. It must have made my gray matter neurons quite thick.

I found the article via Maud Newton. Her blog and musings on Twitter often interest me. I think her neural networks are very thick.

Through my use of social media, my online world is shaped by programs whose very purpose is to narrow what I see and increase the predictability of my responses.

If I'd only read about politics via my social media feeds, populated by like-minded Maud's, I would be surprised by things, like the victory of a right-wing mayor.

When like-minded people gather in groups, they tend to become more extreme in their views than they were before. Even if they have thick gray matter neurons.

Therefore I must conclude that I slowly turning into an extreme version of Maud Newton. My response to this if fairly predictable: I am pleased.